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laura santoni

Laura Santoni founded Sing the Change, an initiative initially created for youth development that evolved from other projects over the years. Since its launch in early 2015, Sing the Change has expanded into the corporate world and offers Team Building.

Laura combines her experience as an educator, faciltator, artist, and kinesiologist to create projects that promote social change and development. Born in Hong Kong to an Italian family and educated in Australia, Laura has a strong understanding and appreciation for the benefits and challenges that cultural diversity offers.

Laura's personal and professional experiences have shown her that music is a powerful tool to break down barriers and inspire connection and creativity. "Music ignites our human potential. Its powerful vibrations can open our hearts to inspire so  connection with each other regardless of how different we are on the outside.  Our often dormant inner treasures are discovered and enjoyed. Hidden gems such as empathy, vulnerabilty, authenticity, compassion are freed through self expression, planting seeds for positive transformation, one song at a time."

Laura's love of singing and song writing was inspired by her fathers musical career. Initially a school teacher from Melbourne Australia, Laura embarked on an a successful international modeling that brought her to South Africa several years later in the early 90's. The ups and downs of this lifestyle opened a door into her own journey of self discovery, where she developed an interest in Womens empowerment.

In 1999, Laura discovered an interest in Traditional African Music while employed to create a Christmas children's music video with young learners from Masiphumelele township in Cape Town. From here she later initiated her own youth empowerment project in 2002 that became  "A Sound Education", Masicule Masidanise at Qingqa Mntwana school in Crossroads township.

Laura later wrote Music and Life Skills text books for the 2005 Arts and Culture curriculum for Shuter and Shooter publishers. In 2008 Laura was invited to contribute her own composition, " Back Home, " to an international cause endorsed by the Australian Government, to raise money for a women and children's hospital in war torn East Timor. She collaborated with with several Australian female artists on the CD called "I Am Woman ". The project, initiaited by Australian Journalist and artist Paul Stewart, successfully achieved its goal.

In 2010 Laura created the Singing Hearts Club children's CD's and is also the voice behind the songs. She created and ran The Dizzy Love Life Skills programs using her songs with pre-schoolers and foundations phase learners. 

In 2014 Laura gave a Tedx Talk called "Finding authenticity through music". Laura remains involved in the performing arts and is known for working opposite John Cleese as "the Librarian", in the South African movie "Spud 3: Learning to Fly" . She is the mother of two children and one Rosie the Rottweiler.

Laura Santoni - Tedx Talk AIMS 2014 Cape Town, "Finding authenticity through music."

Interview with Katlego Maboe SABC3 Morning Expresso show. Womans day and Womans empowerment - Divas Unite concert