In the Youth development program, youth are given the opportunity to address universal issues creativley while directed to access, develop and use their inner resources, emotional intelligence and leadership skills. They are given creative platforms to collaborate with proffessional artists and particpate in leadership workshops that encourage them to see themselves as empowered voices for positive change.

By using their talent and skills for the greater good, youth get to experience what it feels like to help others when using and sharing their voice in positive ways. At the same time, their imaginations are ignited and seeds are planted to open doors to other creative endeavours that inspire healthy self expression supporting their growth in a joyful way.

WORKSHOPS- Song Writing 

The workshops explore challenging issues that affect our youth and provide them with a platform and skills to voice their concerns and close the divide between them. The workshops address their different feelings, experiences and perceptions. Everyone respectfully listens and contributes their stories, ideas and wishes. On common ground, they discover shared fears and desires . From this sort of heart felt connection, they can begin to envision new possibilities that arise from coming together with positive intentions. Eventualy their contribution is pieced togther as the lyrics to their own song. A song that seeds the process of inner and outer transformation, releasing their frustrations, hopes and vision, for positive change. Music is ideal for igniting this process and inspiring youth to become the change they seek.

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voice your vision workshop