Teamsong- Why it Works


       * TEAM building skills are disguised in an exciting musical experience that combines play with leadership abilities. 

* It moves people, just enough out of their comfort zone, to challenge them while feeding their curiosity.

      * It opens people up to connecting with each other as barriers are removed through a playful and creative space.

* It ignites imaginations and stimulates new possibilities while breaking down perceived limitations.

* As the playing field is levelled, it gives people the knowledge and understanding that deep down they are all the same.

* It encourages collaboration regardless of external differences.

* It fires up creativity and motivates people to lead and take initiative.

* It creates a friendly space so people can communicate and express themselves ina relaxed manner.

* It gives people a voice and allows them to be heard and feel they belong.


" Our company makes radio ads and puts together rock star campaigns for clients every single day, so we figured, surely we could write a song! What an experience, it stretched our creativity and Laura was so patient and understanding of our somewhat quirky sense of humor! We discovered a few Beyonce's  and song writers in our team!  I would definitely recommend it to any company wanting to do a team building exercise which is fun and completely different." Pippa Cohen CEO Ultimate Media.