Team Building for Businesses

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What we do !

Our team building conference allows us to use the power of music with your employees in a unique way.

We turn your staff into songwriters and recording artists by placing the necessary tools into their hands, under our guidance,  to write their own inspirational song while having lots of fun and group challenges.

By the end of the workshop, your team will have written, sung and recorded their own song that celebrates the company’s people, culture and vision and their role within it . No musical talent or experience is needed. This program is designed for everyone.

A quick vocal lesson with our singing coach before moving to the recording studio to sing and record their song together. Inhibitions melt away as everyone celebrates their achievement and proudly sings their song, with many laughs along the way.

The outcome is a re-energized group of people with a deeper and inspired knowledge and understanding of themsleves, each other, the company’s vision or the product they are selling. 

Why Music works !

Music is a universal language that can uplift our mood, open our hearts and transport people to a common ground. As a unifying force and a natural leveling field, music inspires people to come together and move past their differences.

We all know an inspirational song or two that ignites our imagination, lets our voice be heard and motivates us to be and do better. The process in which it takes to write a song and sing it as a group, requires the use of our inner resources and skills.

We believe in celebrating your team’s diversity, whether it’s cultural, gender, age or skills. Their diverse experiences, ideas and feelings serve as rich pool of resources that become the foundation for their lyrics and songs.This interactive experience clearly demonstrates that the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Our unique program is designed to develop leadership skills while having fun along the way.  As your team works in groups to brainstorm lyrics, their creativity and communication skills are engaged and sharpened. Team members learn to solve problems which builds confidence and strengthen relationships.

The people you will work with !

Laura Santoni, founder of Sing the Change, faciltates this unique program and works with a team of proffessionals in the music industry including various recording studios and sound engineers in South Africa and Australia. A singer and songwriter with a background in education, the creative arts, international modeling and personal development, Laura is passionate about sharing her knowledge and relationship with music so that everyone can enjoy the benefits as much as she has throughout her life. 

What you take with you.

Your song made to a pre-existing music and backtrack ( music copyright rules apply for usage) .Your song made with original music ( music copyright agreement applies for usage).  A CD or MP3 of your song. A Music Video of your day, recording and song.   Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your specfic needs to custom design your session. 


"It was incredibly important to regroup, reassess and interact with each other on more than just a business level. With the team building activities from Sing The Change we were able to spend this time together as a team but also have fun. For some people, it was a lifelong dream to record a song, others were extremely interested in song writing. On so many levels we were all put out of our comfort zone which allowed for people to shine in their different levels of comfort. This is a highly recommended activity as it brings out the challenges, diversity, skills and knowledge of each individual in a fun and meaningful way."- Melissa Barnard. Marketing & PR Ultimate Media

"I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon we all spent with Laura. I had such fun and it was so nice to do something together as a team that was so different to what I would have considered the team building norm." - Sarah Cronje. Implementation Ultimate Media