Songs for Change

"It would be easy to become a victim of our circumstances and continue to feel sad scared or angry: or instead we could choose to deal with injustice humanely and break the chain of negative thoughts and energies ..."

Zlata Filipovic - The Freedom Writers
"Back Home", 2008 - An original song written for a benefit album  called "I am Woman - Hau Abut" produced by Paul Stewart, Australian Journalist, musician and social activist for East Timor. A compilation album of Australian female artists to raise funds to build a womens and children hospital in Timor Leste.

Songs for change are those songs that speak to us and for us. They inspire us to engage, imagine, think and feel in a way that has us questioning and recreating our world, our lives and the people in it, from the inside out. They are a vibrational meeting ground for like minds and open hearts, blind to external differences while driving our unity through universal fears and desires.  Songs transcend all boundaries. Songs breathe life into an new idea. Songs remind us we are not alone. A song has the power to bring us to a place that doesn’t yet exist. Songs are musical stories that express the past, present and future, in conversation with the listener.

I Know: 
A song about gender inequality. 

Back Home.  A song about belonging from the inside out.

Women Wise. A song about the role of the feminine and its value and place in our changing and challenged world. 

Beautiful Reminder . A song that celebrates music and its power to nurture a heartfelt, child like authenticity. 

Table Mountain.  A song to celebrate and care for South Africa's natural wonder.

Hear Our Minds - Laura Santoni and & Grade 7 learners of Ellerton Primary School. A song about youths desire to be heard and have an effective voice in todays world.

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